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Our pricing
History of BoKlok
Working at BoKlok
Innovative construction 
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Sustainable construction
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Our pricing

  • Which companies are behind BoKlok?

    BoKlok is Skanska and IKEA together. The BoKlok concept is owned 50/50 by Skanska and IKEA and they are responsible for the development of the brand and the concept. BoKlok, as an independent company, operating in Sweden and the UK. BoKlok also has its own factory in Gullringen. Organisationally, BoKlok is a business unit within the Skanska Group.

    Find out more about the BoKlok concept on our page Skanska + IKEA

  • Are BoKlok IKEA homes?

    Well, not really. The BoKlok concept is owned 50/50 by Skanska and IKEA, which means that both of those companies own BoKlok. Although BoKlok is not purely homes from IKEA, we do work very closely with IKEA. The fixed furnishings in the homes we sell come from IKEA, and we also offer anyone who is an IKEA Family member additional benefits when they buy a home from us.

    Find out more about the BoKlok concept on our page Skanska + IKEA

History of BoKlok

  • Who founded BoKlok?

    BoKlok was founded in the mid-1990s when Skanska and IKEA met at a housing fair in Karlskrona in Sweden and started talking about why so few homes were built for people on an ‘ordinary’ income.

    The CEO of Skanska at the time, Melker Schörling, and the founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad, decided to jointly develop a new housing concept that would make more homes accessible to more people – and BoKlok was born!

    You find the full story on our page Our history

Working at BoKlok

  • What opportunities are there to grow as an employee at BoKlok?

    As a BoKlok employee you get to develop in a company that is constantly growing. A company where you get to be truly involved and to influence its future. As well as opportunities within the wider, international BoKlok team, we are part of the Skanska Group, which creates further opportunities for personal development and career progression – both at home and internationally.

    Find out more about career oportunities and see vacancies on our page Careers

  • What is it like to work at BoKlok?

    As a BoKlok employee, you get an opportunity to collaborate in an open culture where healthy values and a committed and passionate team unite, to achieve great results. Our culture is based on openness and cooperation. All of our employees are involved in creating this culture, by living our values.

    BoKlok is committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion. We have a zero tolerance policy for ethical violations. At BoKlok, we care about each other and make sure everyone feels included. We work actively to be a role model within diversity and inclusion by using our differences as our strength.

    Our culture can be summarised by four fundamental values; care for life, act ethically and transparently, be better – together, and commit to customers.

    Read more about our values and what it's like to work with us on our page Our values

Innovative construction 

  • How do you build your homes?

    At BoKlok we build all our homes in wood. It is the material that has the lowest carbon footprint of all building materials, which means that our houses have significantly lower climate impact than the average newly built house. We are convinced that wood is an important part of the transition to a sustainable construction industry.

    We build our homes in a factory, using an efficient, industrialised process. These homes are then transported to the construction site, where they are assembled into finished houses. By building our homes from to the same blueprint over and over again, we know exactly how much material is consumed, which allows us to keep costs down and reduce waste.

    Find out all about our building process on our page Modern methods of construction

Build with BoKlok

  • I have some land to sell, who should I speak to at BoKlok?

    We are always looking for land for future development. You can explore more about the areas where we are focusing and our criteria in the section Sell Us Your Land.

    If you want to get in touch, you can contact our Land and Planning team by emailing

  • I have a plot of land, can I hire you to build me a new home?

    Unfortunately not. We are not able to deliver single/a small number of dwellings for a private individual.

Sustainable construction

  • Where are BoKlok homes built?

    We partner with some of the UK's leading modular housing specialists to deliver our homes. Our homes are constructed in a factory. They are then transported to site, where any final fixings are completed.

  • Why are you manufacturing your homes in a factory?

    By manufacturing our homes in a factory, we can be really efficient, reduce unnecessary costs and protect our homes from adverse weather. We complete up to 90% of the homes in the factory, with the remaining 10% completed on the construction site. The modules are then either transported directly to site, or stored temporarily until site is ready to take delivery. During this period, the homes are protected by weather proof packaging. We call it modern and innovative construction, although we have been doing it for over 25 years!

  • How do you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability?

    Sustainability permeates our entire business, from material selection through to how we work on site. We think sustainably throughout the value chain and in all our processes. We don't just build homes; we build sustainable communities. For us, it is important to create something long-term for those who are going to live there. 

    Find out more about this on the page: Sustainability

  • Which material do you use?

    At BoKlok we build all our homes in wood. It is the material that has the lowest carbon footprint of all building materials, which means that our houses have significantly lower climate impact than the average newly built house. We are convinced that wood is an important part of the transition to a sustainable construction industry.

    Find out more benefits of building in wood on our page Wood

Why buy new

  • What is the advantage of buying a newly built home compared to an older one?

    We believe that there are lots of advantages to buying a new home. From greater energy efficiency, and tailored incentives designed to assist first time buyers saving for a deposit, to the very little maintenance required with a new home. Find out more via our page Why Buy a BoKlok Home?

  • Is it true that modular built homes have problems with the windows - letting in rain?

    No, that is absolutely not true of our homes. We have not had any problems with our windows. At BoKlok, our homes benefit from uPVC, double-glazed windows, which minimise heat loss. Not only are these windows more energy efficient but they are secure and help to reduce the impact of noise. Along with our other energy efficient features, they have been very well received by our customers:

    From purchasers at BoKlok on the Brook: "Since moving in and with fuel costs rising so much, we are now so grateful that we have a home that is designed to help us to reduce our energy consumption, and our fuel bills too!"

How to buy a BoKlok home

  • How do I buy a home from you?

    The first thing you need to do is find one of our developments, where you’d like to live and register your interest. Once you have registered your interest, one of our friendly team will be in touch to provide you with some more information about the homes we have available and to talk you through the buying process.

    See our current developments on our page Find your new home

  • Do you get extra benefits as an IKEA Family member?

    Yes, we are delighted to say that you do! As an IKEA Family member, you will receive an IKEA gift card, a free 1.5-hour session with an IKEA interior designer and a free handyperson service once you’ve moved in. 

    Find out more on our page Why buy a BoKlok home? 

Our homes and areas

  • Can I see where you have already built?

    Of course! We first launched in the UK in 2019, with BoKlok on the Brook in Bristol. You can view all of our current developments via our page Find Your New Home 

Sustainable life at home

  • I’d like to live more sustainably in my home, but I don't really know how - can you help?

    Yes - we can help you with that! We have gathered a range of tips and advice on how to be more sustainable at home. These include very practical things from turning down your thermostat and recycling to growing your own produce and carpooling.

    Get all the tips on our page A sustainable life at home

Homes built of wood

  • Why are you building in wood?

    Building with wood has several advantages. It is a renewable and natural resource, which also has the lowest carbon footprint of all building materials. In addition, wood is a strong and at the same time a light material, which means that we produce lower emissions when transporting the homes from our factory.

    Find out all benefit in building in wood on our page Wood

  • Why is wood better than other building materials?

    Wood is simply the material with the lowest carbon footprint of all building materials. In addition, it is a renewable and natural resource. For us, this means that our houses have significantly lower climate impact than the typical, newly built house. We are convinced that wood is an important part of the transition to a sustainable construction industry.

    Find out all benefits of building in wood on our page Wood 

  • Aren't houses built of wood more flammable?

    All building materials, regardless of type, are subject to the same stringent fire safety requirements. This means that our houses, built with a wooden frame, meet exactly the same fire safety requirements as buildings made of other materials. This means that if you buy a BoKlok home, you can feel confident that you will get a home, which meets the same fire safety requirements as homes built from other building materials.

  • Where does the wood you use come from?

    It comes from a variety of sources but the majority of the wood used in building our homes comes from Scandinavia.

The climate and our climate goal

  • How much environmental impact does a house from you have?

    Our houses have a fraction of the embodied carbon of traditionally built homes, with less than 50% of the carbon created in delivering our homes. When moved in and living in the homes, occupants will typically cut their carbon emissions by over 50%, because of the fabric efficiencies and the air source heat pump technology installed.

    Find our more about how we build sustaible communities on our page Innovation

  • What is BoKlok Grönhult?

    As part of our work to test sustainable solutions, we are building BoKlok Grönhult in Malmö, Sweden. On the surface, it is a BoKlok project like many others, with homes for ordinary people, but it will be an exciting pilot project where several new sustainable solutions will be tested and evaluated in practice. You could call it our own full-scale test lab in sustainable living. We will test different systems for solar cells, wind power and batteries. It is our aim to make the homes as self-sufficient as possible, by generating their own electricity. Our ambition is also to radically reduce water consumption (by between 60% and 80%), by using smart technology - all without impacting on the lifestyle of our residents.

    It is our hope that the discoveries made and lessons learnt here will then be translated into future, BoKlok developments - across all the countries within which we operate.

  • How do you work with the UN global goals?

    The UN global goals for sustainability set an inspiring framework for us, and we work actively with them. They guide us as we develop our business, set ambitions, and collaborate with our partners. All goals are linked, and we use them as our compass for a more sustainable change in our work. Our analysis shows that we contribute in different ways to all sustainable development goals, but we have chosen to dive deeper into seven of them, where we believe that we can make the most difference.

    Read more about how we work with our seven focus areas on our page UN goals

Social sustainability

  • How do you work with social sustainability?

    Social sustainability for us is about our impact on society. Through our projects and new communities, we want to contribute to socially sustainable development. We take the time to invest in the areas, where we are delivering new homes – this is achieved in a variety of ways and will vary for each development, dependent on local needs.

    From delivering green open spaces, which are open to all, to recruiting locally and working with local charities, community groups and schools, we aim to deliver a broad range of community benefits. We are able to offer a range of support from financial through to educational opportunities and volunteering hours to support local initiatives that are based in the areas where we are delivering new homes.

    Read more about our approach to community engagement on our page Community engagement

Organisational structure

  • Are you part of Skanska?

    Partly, yes. BoKlok is an established and successful, 50/50 partnership between leading names Skanska and IKEA. Organisationally, however, BoKlok operates as a business unit within the Skanska Group.

    Find out more about the partnership and the BoKlok concept on our page Skanska + IKEA

Living in our homes

  • I have just moved in and discovered a problem with my shower – what should I do?

    We are very sorry to hear this. Please log-in to your Resident Portal and report this. One of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible so that we can assist in putting this right.

    Go to the Resident Portal and the page Report a fault

  • I don’t know who my electricity supplier is – how do I find out?

    All the information relating to utilities is available in your Home User Guide (HUG), which will have been provided to you when you moved into your new home. 

    If you need additional assistance, please contact the team at

  • I have lost my log-in for the Resident Portal

    Don’t worry! This should be included in the Home User Guide (HUG), which you received when you moved into your new BoKlok home. If you are still having trouble locating your password drop the team an email at and we will be able to assist you.

    You can also read more on our page My BoKlok home