Our Homes and Communities

At BoKlok it is our aim to not only build new homes, but new communities.

Delivering New Homes and Communities 

At BoKlok we aim to build sustainable, high quality new homes that make home ownership more accessible for more people. Our developments are based around a green heart, with communal outdoor spaces that can be shared and enjoyed by the whole community.

Our homes

BoKlok is bringing Scandinavian design to the UK housing market. Our homes are bright and airy with open plan living spaces, high ceilings and large windows, which allow the light to flood in. Built in wood, our homes are completed in a factory and are then transported to site. This allows us to reduce energy and waste, while at the same time enabling us to continually refine and improve design and quality.

How to buy a BoKlok home Show all

  • How do I buy a home from you?

    The first thing you need to do is find one of our developments, where you’d like to live and register your interest. Once you have registered your interest, one of our friendly team will be in touch to provide you with some more information about the homes we have available and to talk you through the buying process.

    Find your new home here.

    At BoKlok, we do things a little bit differently. When we are ready to launch our homes for sale, we open a ballot. Everyone who is interested and eligible to purchase one of our homes is invited to enter the ballot. We then draw the names and those who are successful are invited to attend our sales event, where they will have an opportunity to reserve one of our homes. You can read more about this process here.

  • Do you get extra benefits as an IKEA Family member?

    Yes, we are delighted to say that you do! As an IKEA Family member, you will receive an IKEA gift card worth £300, a free 1.5-hour session with an IKEA interior designer and a free handyperson service (for 2 hours) once you’ve moved in. 

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