Why buy a BoKlok home

We believe there are lots of reasons why you may want to buy one of our new homes. When you purchase a new BoKlok home you become a part of a whole new community. You get a new home that is built sustainably and one that is of a high quality.

We explore the benefits of buying a new build home – from energy efficiency to excellent design and high specification. Here are a few of the top reasons we believe people choose to ‘buy new’.

Energy efficiency

New build homes are built to a very high standard and have to adhere to minimum industry-wide standards for energy efficiency. Because of this, new homes can be much more energy efficient, meaning lower utility bills and lower running costs for their owners in the longer-term. They are usually highly specified, and many include built-in appliances too, which in turn will save on upfront costs for their new owners.

At BoKlok, our homes are built to have less of an impact on the environment. They are designed to reduce energy use, to be environmentally friendly and save you money at the same time. In our homes, you will find many clever features such as:

  • Enhanced insulation to keep heat in and reduce noise
  • Argon gas-filled double glazing to minimise heat loss
  • The highest efficiency-rated boilers available
  • Water-saving taps, showers and toilets

New home warranty

New build homes come with a 10-year warranty. Put in place by the developer, the warranty is designed to protect the homeowner. This gives new homeowners the peace of mind that should any significant defects arise during this time period, they will be put right.

Maintenance free

When you move into a new home, there is very little to do in terms of upkeep and maintenance. The cost of upgrading an older home to the same specification as a new build property could run into tens of thousands. Everything from new fixtures and fittings, a new boiler, new appliances and brand new double glazing throughout can all add up.

IKEA Family Member benefits

IKEA Family members who reserve one of our homes will enjoy the added benefits of:

  • An IKEA gift card
  • A free session with an IKEA interior designer
  • A free handyperson service  once you’ve moved in


Membership is free and it’s quick and easy to sign up. For more information or to sign up visit IKEA website

Home buyer incentives

New homes often have a range of home buyer schemes available, which can assist with the costs of moving home. At BoKlok, we have a number of offerings in place, from mortgage assistance, through to our Assisted Move scheme, which is designed to assist those who have an existing property to sell. You can explore more on our page Helping you move