Modern methods of construction

The BoKlok process ensures high quality homes, with lower and more predictable costs. As much as possible is completed in the factory and the homes are sealed and protected during transport.

We complete up to 90% of the homes in the factory and only 10% out on the construction site. This means we have fewer people working on sites, for a much shorter duration, creating less waste, thereby reducing the number of deliveries to site by over 75%. People working in the factory are working more efficiently and typically travelling shorter distances than those on site. We therefore reduce the number of overall transport movements by 50% when compared to traditional construction.

house module is lifted into place at the BoKlok construction site

Our houses have a fraction of the embodied carbon of traditionally built homes, with less than 50% of the carbon created in delivering our homes. When moved in and living in the homes, occupants will typically cut their carbon emissions by 55%, because of the fabric efficiencies and the air source heat pump technology installed.

Overall, our homes are manufactured significantly faster than traditionally built housing. The exact amount of time depends on the size and complexity of the development. Once on site, the homes can be assembled in as little as a day. Safer, faster and less disruptive for our neighbours.

All of this makes us more sustainable and more cost effective.