We can´t give you one good reason to join us -
we can give you lots!

Starting right here:

  1. You want to be part of developing and building sustainable homes with great design, functionality and quality at a low price, accessible to people on an average income.
  2. You like the idea of industrial production of single and multi-occupancy homes, created from wood and mainly factory-built modules, in a results-oriented process.
  3. You’d love to join 400 forward-thinking colleagues in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK in an organisation that takes responsibility for the entire value chain – from product development, project management and factory manufacturing, to construction, sales and ongoing customer relations, including beyond completion.

And when you work at BoKlok you get to do all this...

... contribute to a more sustainable society by offering affordable homes for people on an average income

... work with others in an open culture where sound values and devoted individuals come together for the greater good

... develop within a company that is constantly growing and where you can have a say

Then there’s the great way we function…

In order for people’s finances to allow them all to live in a new home, made from sound materials and in a pleasant neighbourhood, our organisation needs to have control over the entire value chain – from land purchase to the end of the warranty period. All of our employees contribute their skills and commitment throughout the process.

At BoKlok we work efficiently and use our resources where they make a difference. This allows us to work with the municipal authorities to create sustainable homes at a low cost. We are also prepared to “go the extra mile” so that our customers will be happy and know that they’ve made a great choice. 

We’re convinced that building the homes that today’s communities need, without depleting tomorrow’s resources, is the right thing to do, and it’s because we’re doing this so successfully, that we can do it again and again.

The BoKlok culture is based on openness and cooperation. All of our people are involved in creating this, agreeing together on the “right way” of doing things, on a daily basis. 

We also consider it a benefit to be able to take responsibility for your own work and aim for improvement. Our concept gives you a lot of freedom, and we hope you will feel empowered to take your own initiatives, even if they don’t always succeed.

It’s also important to us to have zero tolerance for ethical violations, and we aim for zero workplace accidents and environmental incidents.

Our low prices give us the financial capacity to grow in both a strong or a weak economy. Long-term growth without accepting quality defects is our way.

This – and the fact that BoKlok is part of Skanska – means there are opportunities for personal development and a career both here in Sweden and internationally. To embrace these opportunities, you and your supervisor will review and follow-up on your professional development needs.

At BoKlok we care about each other and make sure that everyone feels included. As a company, our core values are based on the same ones as both Skanska and IKEA.