Four top tips to de-clutter - the eco-friendly way

A good de-clutter of your home can be good for the soul – helping to create more space and a fresh perspective. However, it isn’t always so good for the environment.

So…if you are about to commence a mass clear out, before you fill up your bin, think about whether someone else could make use of your unwanted items.

Here are a few BoKlok tips to help you de-clutter, the eco-friendly way:

1. Donate your unwanted items

Your local charity shop is a great place to drop off any items, which are in good condition. If they currently aren’t taking any donations and have temporarily ‘closed their doors’, then you could consider contacting local schools/play groups/children’s centres/hostels, who may be interested in taking appropriate items. Alternatively, search online – a lot of the bigger charities offer a collection service for larger items such as furniture. There are also some sites where you can offer your items for free.

2. Sell your unwanted stuff!

If you have un-wanted items, which are new/nearly new and are in good condition, then why not sell them and make yourself a bit of cash in the process! There are so many websites out there from auction sites to selling sites as well companies that offer recycling services, where you can sell your old phones and tablets.


3. Re-purpose your items

Up-cycling has become an increasingly popular trend, with the more creative types among us transforming old, unwanted furniture into newly rejuvenated items – which might be able to play a new, re-purposed role in your home. How about transforming your battered kitchen table into a new desk/workstation? Or re-upholstering an old, much loved chair to give it a vibrant new look?

4. Recycle

Are you able to recycle some of your unwanted items? There are lots of clothes banks, that will gladly take donations of old clothes and shoes. If you have unwanted food in your cupboards, then why not donate it to your local food bank. More can be recycled than you might think!

What do you do with your unwanted clutter? If you’ve found a great charity, which is looking for donations, or do you have a stunning piece of upcycled furniture, which you are feeling proud of, we’d love for you to share!