Site Tour with Social Enterprise Sixteen Cooperative

Last month we were delighted to welcome two students from a local school, supported by the social enterprise Sixteen Co-operative Ltd, to our Bristol development.

The two students, aged 16 & 17, who are both interested in pursuing a future within the construction industry, were escorted on a tour of the development, giving them a real insight into the workings of a live construction site.

Harry O’Conor, Community Engagement Lead, BoKlok said: “Sixteen is a fantastic initiative that supports people with learning difficulties, who are looking to get into employment. Both of the students who attended the visit to our Bristol development were really interested and enthusiastic about pursuing a future career in the industry and it was a pleasure to show them around. For us at BoKlok, it is so important that we are getting involved and supporting the local communities within which we operate, and this is a great example of us being able to do just that.”

Sheren Wyatt, Locality Manager, Sixteen Co-operative Ltd said: "The building works in south Bristol have given Sixteen Co-operative Ltd a great opportunity to engage with BoKlok. A site visit arranged by BoKlok, gave local students a valuable insight into the construction sector. For us at Sixteen, it has been inspiring to work with a company that seeks to engage with and contribute to the local community."

Sixteen is a co-operative social enterprise set up in 2011 to bring evidence based supported employment services to people with a learning disability interested in finding paid employment.