'Homes for the Future' Session with two local Primary Schools

Two primary schools, local to the BoKlok on the Brook site, take part in our Homes for the Future design session.

During summer, we visited Christ the King Catholic Primary School and Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy to run our Homes for the Future session with some of their pupils. During the session, we share why building good quality, sustainable housing is so important, whilst also introducing them to the built environment in an engaging and inspiring way.

The session invites pupils to design a home they hope to see in decades to come. It introduces them to careers they may not know exist, along with the importance of teamwork within a company like BoKlok. Following a presentation outlining how BoKlok are already leading the way on creating sustainable, innovative housing, pupils were engaged and delighted to share their creative designs

"Our visit from BoKlok homes inspired our year 3 children to think outside the box (literally). The children were encouraged to think creatively about designing, developing, and creating new homes, as well as considering sustainability. It was lovely for the children to have complete independence of their own designs- this really allowed their creative flair to blossom! The visit certainly inspired some budding designers and architects too."

Ms Kingscote from School of Christ the King Primary

As a result of the session, we have put all of the designs onto our hoarding (see below) surrounding our development on Airport Road.

Once again, thank you to both primary schools for letting us come in - we had a brilliant time and we hope we were able to inspire you with some innovation!

Have a look at the designs below!