Bristol Housing Festival
12 OCT - 1 NOV 2020

With so many decision makers and people interested in housing gathered in one place, we obviously wanted to make sure we were there too. The Bristol Housing Festival encourages ideas and talks with the goal of finding scalable housing solutions. We took part in the housing conversation, discussed its future with everyone interested and hopefully created the possibility for more people to have the opportunity to own their own, affordable, sustainable home.

The Bristol Housing Festival 2020 consisted of virtual events and public exhibitions of the latest innovation in off-site manufacturing solutions and modern methods of construction. Not just new ways of building houses were on the agenda, but new ways of thinking when it comes to housing as a way to creating sustainable, great places that support communities.

For more information on the topics that we discussed during the festival, see below.


Our Managing Director, Graeme Culliton, in a personal interview about his and BoKlok's values and drivers. Hear more about his opinions, particularly focusing on the key elements of the festival - modern means of construction, social values/well being, the housing crisis, environmental emergency and construction skills shortage.

The interview is a part of the series "In conversation with...", meeting different interesting people. Interviewer is Jessie Wilde at the Bristol Housing Festival organisation. 


Dylan May, Land and Planning Director, participated in this BHF roundtable, chaired by Cllr Asher Craig and sponsored by BoKlok. The roundtable was designed to facilitate a conversation about what healthy consultation could look like when it comes to building homes. The hope was to draw out some key recommendations amongst the group of delegates which will be written up and published in a report.


Do you have questions about BoKlok or our participation at the Bristol Housing Festival? Do not hesitate to get in touch with me!

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Business & Marketing Manager
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