Jenni and Emil purchased their now 10 year-old BoKlok apartment in winter 2015 and spent the next three months on a total remodel before they were finally able to move in. They’re extremely happy living here now with their dog, a Papillon called Gizmo, in 74 sq m divided into three rooms and a kitchen. They also have their own little garden, which Gizmo loves. 

From time to time Jenni shares photos of their home on Instagram (@nyagodset), and we make no secret of the fact that we’ve been dreaming of writing a story about their delightful, cosy apartment so that more people can be inspired. Join us for a digital tour!



I think I’ve always being interested in interior design. I was moving the furniture around all the time in my bedroom when I was a little girl, just like a lot of people who carry their interest in interior design with them into adulthood.

Happily, this is an interest that Emil and I share. We’ve lived together for 13 years, and we’ve remodeled, built and designed a lot together. We really got into it six years ago when we bought an old allotment garden cottage that we tore down so we could build a new one ourselves in a functional style. After that I did a home stylist course and worked for a while at a paint store, which made me even more interested in design.

Jenni’s top three tips to add a bit more luxury to daily life:

1. Eat off the good china every day.

2. Hang a crystal chandelier in the bathroom and closet. Even if it’s complete chaos in there, having a chandelier hanging from the ceiling makes everything a lot more fun!

3. Buy flowers, pick some in the garden or gather wild flowers in a meadow. Fresh flowers are an everyday luxury!

Which solutions and details in your home are you particularly happy with?

We love smart solutions and pay a lot of attention to detail. One example is that we don’t want any visible electric outlets installed in the kitchen tiles. We have one outlet at the side of the kitchen island and one inside a draw next to the hob. The one for the coffee machine is actually in the wall, but you can’t see it from the living room – things have to be practical as well.

We’ve created plenty of extra storage space in our home. We installed a storage system in our closet (similar to Elfa and the IKEA Algot system) from Mio, and each room has 4x50 cm wardrobes. To create an attractive built-in look for the wardrobes, we painted the framework and panels/fittings in the same colour as the walls.

“We chose to paint all of the walls in the apartment the same colour (“Timeless” S1002-y from Jotun), and since I’m a bit of a nerd I also painted other small details, like the kitchen stools and hooks in the hall, in the same colour.

We love colours and patterns, but when we come home after a stressful day at work it’s nice to be in a calm space, and the colour of the walls plays a big part in that. We would rather have colours in fabrics that we can easily switch out. Right now our favourite colour is overwhelmingly green.”


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