At home with the Zaidan family

Welcome to the Zaidan family

Marie Zaidan lives with her teenage daughter Tindra in a four-room apartment furnished using light tones on the second floor in a newbuild BoKlok neighborhood in Landskrona, Sweden. Here “simple and clean” has been the guiding principle in choosing home furnishings and furniture. Join us for a tour and find out how Marie approaches interior design.


It’s mainly new and modern, but with some older furniture that I’ve saved from my rustic/romantic interior design period. Almost everything is white because we love white. The common theme running through the home is keeping things simple and clean – the absolute opposite of busy with lots of colour. 

The old wardrobe is an example of the white-painted furniture that has remained with me from that rustic/romantic period.


Marie’s interior design inspiration comes from magazines and the internet. Pinterest is a big source of inspiration, as is the interior design blog House of Philia. Browsing in shops – both physical and online – is fun for Marie and a source of inspiration as well. The main ones Marie checks out are IKEA, Mio, Illums Bolighus and Miljögården.

“It’s a whole range of price points,” says Marie.

The poster in the dining area is an example of a design detail that she purchased online – in the Modern Art Museum web shop to be precise. 

“My best tip for anyone moving into a BoKlok apartment is to sacrifice the tall cleaning supplies cupboard – the one that’s next to the fridge and freezer. I’ve fitted mine with draws and shelves from IKEA that can be pulled out – so now it’s my pantry instead! And it’s a smart place to keep the microwave as well.”


“The shelves in the dining area. I’ve wanted shelves there for a long time, but I wanted to wait until I moved in before buying them,” says Marie.  

“I ordered table mats and a few fabric planters when we moved in,” she continues. “The grid that serves as a noticeboard in the sewing room and a candlestick were also part of my online order at grafitgrå.se.”

“The most difficult aspect of interior design is to have the right touch to create a cosy and homely home. But I furnished it all in my head first for a full year while I was waiting to move in, so in the end it wasn’t all that hard anyway.”

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