At home with the Beijer family

Welcome to the Beijer family

When the Beijer family lived in Stockholm they were homesick for Sundsvall, Sweden. When BoKlok announced the selling period for the BoKlok Brostugan units next to Sidsjön lake in Sundsvall, their parents in the area represented them and managed to get a very good number and place in line. Then all the family had to do was to wait, dream and look forward to their move-in date.


“We’re really happy with both our house and the area. We’re surrounded by nature but still within walking distance of the city. Most of our neighbours have children of the same age as our girls so it didn’t take long before we got to know the other townhouse residents.

We’ve really made good use of every square metre, or cubic metre, of space in our home. If you just think carefully about furnishing and how to use the walls as well, there’s space for a lot more than you think.


We’ve hung wallpaper, mainly to create accent walls. Having all white walls is not really our thing – we love colours and patterns. The more the better! So we’ll probably be hanging more wallpaper...

We’ve also built a deck at the front. Now we have two outdoor spaces so we can enjoy more hours of sunshine. We added a gate to the terrace at the back of the house so our youngest daughter can’t get out.

We installed a lovely bathtub with lion-claw feet in the bathroom on the upper level. Soon we’re going to replace the taps and place them at a more suitable height.

The best thing about our new black house is that I can run to my pre-school and to my best friends’ houses during the day and in the evening. And we can have pyjama parties because they’re all close by and they can go home in their pyjamas.

Alma, 5 years old 

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