BoKlok bygger miljömässigt

For people and planet

In a world with finite resources we do as much as possible to minimise our impact on the environment, which is why we build in wood – the most climate neutral and natural building material.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Many of the global sustainability challenges and calls for action are described in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Launched in 2015, the SDGs provide an inspiring framework for collective action. They guide us as we develop the BoKlok business, set ambitions and engage with our partners.

All of the goals are connected and BoKlok will use them as our compass to mobilise change in our work.

Seven focus areas

Our analysis show that we contribute in various ways to all SDGs, but for some goals we have the opportunity to make a really notable contribution.

Here, we highlight seven of these UN global goals, that we feel are particularly relevant to our business, in the context of significant challenges that we see in the areas where we operate. With these global goals, through dialogue to find sustainable solutions, we want to create locally added value. Some examples of our contribution:

Creating a better way of living (SDG 3)

Make a difference in people´s everyday lives and contribute to increased security, a sense of belonging and overall well-being

A fair agenda, whatever your gender (SDG 5)

Give everyone an equal chance in the housing market, mindful that lower incomes often unequally impact women

Everyone benefits from inclusivity (SDG 10)

Give more people a chance in the housing market and fill in some of the housing blanks, strengthening neighbourhoods

Building for a brighter future (SDG 11)

Build homes where there is a demand for housing, and contribute with social investments, to strengthen communities, long-term

Moving forward to sustainability (SDG 12)

With our standardised solutions provide quick implementation of new ideas in production and for customers who care and want to live sustainably

The most natural thing in the world (SDG 13)

Use wood, because it is smart, not least from a climate point of view. Create the conditions for a more climate-smart supply

It works best when we work together (SDG 17)

Do business based on our belief in dialogue, and in our partnership with municipalities, create business value and benefit for our customers and society

Want more details?

Sustainability in everyday life

Go greener at home

Every little help makes a big difference

The more the merrier. Here, we reveal super simple changes you can make at home to reduce your carbon and water footprints and help ensure a healthy planet for future generations.