At home with a small family

Welcome to the small family

BoKlok is often the choice of young couples when it’s time to buy their first home together, so it’s no surprise to see young people and small families around our residential areas. This large three-room apartment of 81 sq m offers attractive, inspiring interior design details that work for both adults and children. Everything from a string of pennants in the baby’s room to the best kitchen island we’ve seen in a long time...

Let’s go inside!

In the hall the family has chosen practical clinker tiles on a small section of floor just inside the door. The hat rack has been removed to create a more spacious feel, but there are plenty of hooks on the wall so they don’t miss it. The seat cushions on the top of the shoe rack offer a solution that is more space-efficient than having a chair next to it. Smart!


From the hall we enter the kitchen which opens out onto the dining area and living room for an open-plan solution. The couple decided not to go for the third bedroom, which would have been where they the sofa set stands now, making the room extra spacious. The kitchen cabinet doors are in blonde wood and the worktops are in dark, polished stone. The large kitchen island provides both an extra worktop but also a place to sit for a quick family meal or just to keep the chef company. We like their choice of matching stone for the island for a cohesive look to the kitchen.


We couldn’t have a better first home than this. We have the luxury of large social spaces where family and friends can spend time together, and our daughter’s room is a little further away so our conversation and laughter don’t disturb her when she’s gone to sleep. In the summer our terrace is like an extra room and our little girl can play on the grass in our own little garden!” 

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