Our commitment to becoming climate neutral

Construction currently accounts for about 40% of the world's total CO2 emissions. To reverse this trend, we believe that the construction industry needs to transition to a more sustainable approach.

At BoKlok, we have been working on sustainable solutions for many years and now we feel it is time to take the next step. Therefore, we have set ourselves a goal that by 2030 we will have a completely climate neutral value chain, all the way from the trees in the forest to delivering our finished homes and further still, in assisting our homeowners to live more sustainably.

We have mapped the different parts of our homes using the latest digital tools. This means that we can continuously evaluate whether there are even smarter or more sustainable solutions. Building in wood gives us a good foundation for achieving our 2030 goal.

Photo of Jenny Adholm, Sustainability Manager at BoKlok
Jenny Adholm
Sustainability Manager BoKlok