Grönhult - our own test lab for the future of homes

As part of our work to test sustainable solutions, we are building BoKlok Grönhult in Malmö, Sweden.

Friends are having dinner on roof top in sunset

On the surface, it is a BoKlok project like many others, with homes for ordinary people, but it will be an exciting pilot project where several new sustainable solutions will be tested and evaluated in practice. You could call it our own full-scale test lab in sustainable living.

We will test different systems for solar cells, wind power and batteries. It is our aim to make the homes as self-sufficient as possible, by generating their own electricity. Our ambition is also to radically reduce water consumption (by between 60% and 80%), by using smart technology - all without impacting on the lifestyles of our residents.

It is our hope that the discoveries made and the lessons learnt here will then be translated into future, BoKlok developments - across all the countries within which we operate.

Spice cultivation is taken care of
Illustration image of the courtyard in BoKlok Grönhult in Malmö Sweden